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Myanmar - Mandalay - Gems Mine of Mogok, 3 days

Mandalay - Mogok Drive from Mandalay to Mogok, Myanmar's major source for rubies and sapphires.Sightseeing in Mogok Explore the mountain town of Mogok, starting with the local vegetable market, followed by an excursion to the Ho Maing mines and ...
Price : 478 US Dollar

Myanmar - Madalay - Golden Triangle Express, 6 days

Arrival in Mandalay Transfer and Sightseeing Mandalay.Visit Kyauktawgyi Pagoda KYAUKTAWGYI PAGOD,Mahamuni Paya,Shwe In Bin Kyaung Shwenandaw Kyaung, Mandalay Hill MANDALAY HILL: an easy climb up the sheltered steps bring one to a panoramic view
Price : 424 US Dollar

Myanmar - Yangon - Ancient Rakhine, 5 days

Mrauk-U was the capital city of 48 kings for 355 years and was founded by King Mong Saw Mon in 1430. The city offers the visitor many chances to study the cultural and traditional heritage handed down to the present day Rakhine generation by their ...
Price : 700 US Dollar

Myanmar - Putao - Himalayan Foothills, 5 days

Puta-O is another town in Kachin State surrounded by snow-capped mountains. It is cool the whole year round and there are many varieties of citrus fruits grown in the orchards. Flowing streams and rivulets, straw-roofed houses and fences of pebbles ...
Price : 380 US Dollar

Myanmar - Bagan/Chin Mountain Explorer, 3 days

The Chin state located in the Northwest of Myanmar (latitude 20.40 to 5, longitude 92.37 to 94.9) is a very ragged land. Its eastern border faces Sagaing Division and Magwae Division, while the west faces the state of Mizoram in Bangladesh, north the
Price : 70 US Dollar

Kengtung - Shan State Trekking, 4 days

Trekking excursion in the Shan Mountains around Kengtung Embark on a trekking excursion into the surrounding Shan Mountains. Treks are tailored according to the physical condition and interests of the participants, and can last from 1-6 hours. In ...
Price : 295 US Dollar

Myanmar - Mandalay - Monywa, 2 days

About 136 km to the west of Mandalay is Monywa, the commercial center of the northwest. Monywa is located on the eastern bank of Chindwin river. Bodhi-ta-taung Pagoda (one thousand Bo trees), Thanbokde Pagoda, Po-win taung Hills and Kyaukka village ...
Price : 117 US Dollar

Myanmar - Yangon - The Golden Rock, 2 days

The Golden Rock Among the sacred places of the earth, this is one will be your favourite. It is a very popular pilgrimage in Myanmar. In the holiday season thousands of Burmese climb this mountain. They pay respect to the golden rock, that ...
Price : 171 US Dollar

Myanmar - Highlights of Myanmar, 5 days

Sightseeing Yangon Yangon lies in the fertile delta of southern Myanmar, on the wide Yangon River. The city is filled with tree-shaded boulevards, while shimmering stupas float above the treetops. The city became the capital only in 1885, when the ...
Price : 670 US Dollar

Myanamar - Yangon 3 Day 2 Nights*

In 1755, King Alaungpaya (the founder of Kon-Baung Dynasty) accomplished his military campaign to reunite the whole of Myanmar, following his conquest of Dagon. At that time, Dagon was no more than a village or a small town. The king realized that ...
Price : 66 US Dollar

Mandalar Myanmar 3 Day 2 Nights

Mandalay City is situated 668 kilometres north of Yangon on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River in central Myanmar. It is now Myanmar's second largest city with a population of over two millions. Mandalay founded by King Mindon in 1857 in ...
Price : 0