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3 days

Trip Code :  MY-B-15
Destination :  MYANMAR ( Mandalay )
Price :  Upon Request
Duration :  3 Days
Trip Description

Mogok This high-altitude Burmese valley is a dreamland for all gemologists, geologists, mineralogists and all those for whom beauty, authenticity and tradition matters. It's for sure the dreamland! Land of traditions: For more than 800 years ruby mining has been documented here. It is, without a doubt, one of the oldest gem mining areas in the world and perhaps the oldest one still in operation! We can say that Mogok is the motherland of the Asian gem traditions as some Mogok miners of the Shan ethnic group later migrated to Chanthaburi (Thailand) and Pailin (Cambodia). This migration took place at the end of the 19th century and was the catalyst for the adventure of bringing Thai ruby into the sunlight by using the Mogok mining techniques. Leaving Burma after the military coup in 1962, Burmese dealers had a decisive role in the creation of the Thai gem industry we know today. And it's again Mogok that has supplied gem-miners and gem-mining know-how to the new Burmese gem mining areas of Mong Shu and Namya. Land of beauty and spirituality: Gemstones, spirits and religion are deeply mixed in Mogok. It is a land of earthquakes and mists. The valley is even dotted with caves hosting petrified bones mixed with gems. Mogok has a striking beauty that makes all visitors and natives aware that forces much more powerful than men are active here! Mogok people's spirituality is dominated by the Nats, the Burmese spirits and Mogok gems are kept by powerful Nagas (serpent deities). Mogok hilltops are covered by beautiful pagodas: Daw Nan Gye Hill, Pingu Taung Hill, Kyauk Pya That and others are truly places of rare beauty, places of spirituality to which miners come everyday to meditate and make offerings… Land of diversity and sharing: The people of Mogok are as varied as the famous Mogok gems. Here you can see Burmese, Shans, Lissus, Nepalese Gurkhas, Chinese, Kachins and more… From the Valley's hilltops you can see Buddhist Pagodas, Christian Churches, Muslim Mosques, Hindu Temples – all co-existing in a harmony so rarely seen elsewhere. A truly magic land is this valley that brings to men the most beautiful rubies in the world. Not to mention Sapphires that equals the best gems of Kashmir. Unchallenged striking red Spinels – so perfect they were mistaken for centuries as rubies. Moonstones with a blue sheen matching the best of the once plentiful and exceptional golden type found in Sri Lanka (which sadly is now depleted). Wonderful peridots as well as plenty of topaz, aquamarine, quartz, zircon, chrysoberyl, scapolite, apatite, lapis lazuli, diopside, enstatite, sillimanite, danburite, painite, taaffeite and a huge range of tourmalines sometimes in colors unique to these mountains! Because of its complex geology in which contact and regional metamorphism, igneous and pegmatic processes have all occured in so tiny an area, Mogok is, worldwide, a unique treasure of the earth! Mogok is really a gem paradise! Still difficult to access after years of total interdiction by the Burmese government, we are happy to help you discover this gem heaven, including its beautiful scenery and its wonderful gemstones.


HotelVar. A
Mogok Golden Butterfly Hotel *
Day 1

Mandalay - Mogok
By vehicle from Mandalay to Mogok
Drive from Mandalay to Mogok, Myanmar's major source for rubies and sapphires. Break for lunch at Let Pan Hla village. Travelling time is approximately 8 hours.

Overnight :   Mogok
Meal :   B

Day 2

Sightseeing in Mogok
Explore the mountain town of Mogok, starting with the local vegetable market, followed by an excursion to the Ho Maing mines and the famous gems market. After lunch visit workshops where they cut and polish gems. Enjoy sunset from the Patamya (Ruby) Pagoda.

Overnight :   Mogok
Meal :   B

Day 3

By vehicle from Mogok to Mandalay
In the morning, visit the Phaung Daw Oo pagoda, home to bejeweled gold and silver thrones. Stop at the open pit mines of Kyat Pyin to observe how gems are laboriously extracted from the earth. Lunch at Let Pan Hla village before returning to Mandalay.

Meal :   B

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