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14 days

Trip Code :  CMB-T-22
Price :  1,788.00 US Dollar
Duration :  15 Days


Trip Description

Vietnam and Cambodia are adjacent countries with some shared, but many contrasting, features. In a rural sense there are many similarities, but there have been extensive booms of construction and development in Vietnam; this is not as evident in Cambodia. The countries share similar landforms and climates, but Vietnam is coastal and Cambodia is virtually landlocked. Theravada Buddhism is the main religion of Cambodia (practised by the Khmer), and this influence has led to architecture in the temples that is fascinating for the westerner. The country is very strongly influenced in its heartland by the Mekong River, which is at its maximum flow during the wet season between July and October. This has led to the high dependency on fish from the freshwaters and rice from the flooded lowlands. Vietnam is also influenced in the south by the Mekong and its delta, but in the north it also has the significant Red River Delta. Combined, these areas in Vietnam produce enough rice for self-sufficiency, as well as to make the country the third largest exporter of rice in world terms. Another major landform in Vietnam is the heavily-forested terrain of the Annam Highland, which runs north-south along the western border with Laos and Cambodia. Coffee, tea and rubber plantations are found on the slopes of these mountains. Vietnam also exports coal and crude oil: with such resources it is little wonder that the French colonised the area in 1883, and that there have been such turbulent battles over the land. Both countries boast spectacular features, including the World Heritage listed Halong Bay, a short journey from Hanoi, with its thousands of limestone islets, overhangs and caves, the quaint merchant town of Hoi An, and the massive eighth-century complex of ancient temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Added to these memorable sites are the excitement of market places, the architectural remains of colonial rule, interesting people and food, as well as a diverse range of tropical agricultural pursuits and natural communities. You will be accommodated in comfortable hotels with en-suite facilities, conveniently located to explore the cities, towns and icons visited. You will be accompanied at all stages of the program by trained and experienced local guides.




Var. A

Var. B

Var. C

Kampong Som

Seaside Hotel Kampong Som 

White Beach Hotel 
Superior [Sea view/Rate does not apply on Public Holiday] 

Sokha Beach Resort & Spa 
Ocean Wing Superior 


Rock Royal Hotel & Resort 
The Beach House 
Saravoan Hotel 
Superior (No Extra Bed)

Veranda Natural Resort 
Deluxe Bungalow/Aircondition 

Knai Bang Chatt Resort 
SGL/TWN Garden View [1-2 nights stay] 

Phnom Penh

Pacific Hotel Phnom Penh
Princess Hotel Phnom Penh 
New York Hotel 

The Juliana Hotel 
Ohana Hotel 
Deluxe with Balcony 

NagaWorld Hotel 
Deluxe [Worldwide except Asian market] 


Oudom Sambath Hotel 
Big Room/room only (No Extra Bed)

Oudom Sambath Hotel 
Big Room/room only (No Extra Bed)

Oudom Sambath Hotel 
Big Room/room only (No Extra Bed)


Lakeside Cheng Lok Hotel 
Standard [Lake View] (No Extra Bed)

Terres Rouges Lodge 
Standard [Fan/Bathroom inside room] 

Banlung - Preferred Hotel 
Var. B+

Kampong Cham

Mekong Hotel 
Standard/Aircon (No Extra Bed)

7 Makara Hotel 
Deluxe (No Extra Bed)
7 Makara Hotel 
Deluxe Triple [3 SGL Bed] (No Extra Bed)

7 Makara Hotel 
Deluxe (No Extra Bed)
7 Makara Hotel 
Deluxe Triple [3 SGL Bed] (No Extra Bed)

Siem Reap

Royal Empire Hotel 
Angkor Holiday Hotel 
Casa Angkor Hotel 
Tara Angkor Hotel 
Superior [Summer Pro.] 

Khemara Angkor Hotel 
Angkor Riviera Hotel 
Superior (No Extra Bed)
Pacific Hotel 
Tara Angkor Hotel 
Superior [Summer Pro.] 

Borei Angkor Resort & Spa 
ROH [Deluxe/Landmark/Special Rate] 

Day 1 Koh Kong - Kampong Som
Arrival in Koh Kong
By vehicle from Koh Kong to Kampong Som
Overnight in Kampong Som.
Day 2 Kampong Som (Breakfast: Hotel )
All day at leisure
Overnight in Kampong Som.
Day 3 Kampong Som - Kampot - Kep (Breakfast: Hotel )
By vehicle from Kampong Som to Kampot
Excursion to caves around Kampot
The limestone mountains around Kampot and Kep are riddled with CAVE FORMATIONS, many of which are revered as sacred shrines. Explore the various chimneys, passageways and rock formations, and visit the small pagodas and shrines erected over the years.
Note: visits to specific caves may be dependant on the water level inside the caves.
By vehicle from Kampot to Kep
Overnight in Kep.
Day 4 Kep - Phnom Penh (Breakfast: Hotel )
By vehicle from Kep to Phnom Penh with sightseeing at Tonle Bati and Angkor Borei
Journey southwest to the province of Kep.
TONLE BATI: a lake south of Phnom Penh, with a beach and the impressive laterite temple of Ta Prohm.
ANGKOR BOREI: a 6th century monument, built in laterite by King Rudravarman of Funan. His patron deity was Vishnu and many Hindu statues survive from this site. It is one of the few remaining sites with traces of the Kingdom of Funan (a kingdom influenced by India and thought to have spread as far as southern Burma and Indonesia).
Overnight in Phnom Penh.
Day 5 Phnom Penh (Breakfast: Hotel )
Sightseeing in Phnom Penh
Explore PHNOM PENH, a chaotic, energetic and always fascinating city. Graceful tree-lined boulevards and riverfront promenades are reminders of bygone eras; today they teem with life and activity, as motorcycles weave in and out of traffic, vendor hawk their wares, and pedestrians go about their business. Start your tour at WAT PHNOM, the birthplace of the capital; according to legend the city began here when a woman named Penh found four Buddha statues and built the temple to house them. Afterwards, see the splendor of Cambodia's royal heritage by visiting the ROYAL PALACE, still the official residence of King Norodom Sihamoni, the adjacent SILVER PAGODA, also known as the Pagoda of the Emerald Buddha, and the elegant NATIONAL MUSEUM, which contains a comprehensive collection of Khmer art. 
In the afternoon, learn about a chapter from Cambodia's more recent, tragic, past at the TUOL SLENG MUSEUM (Museum of Genocide). Formerly the Tuol Svay Prey High School, in 1975, this became the interrogation and torture facility for the Khmer Rouge regime - at that time known as Security Prison 21, or simply S-21. Kept largely unchanged, this prison now showcases photographs and exhibits about the thousands of victims that passed through these doors - only seven of whom came out alive.
Finally, explore the modern-day city, visiting one of Phnom Penh's two great markets, the CENTRAL MARKET, located in a distinctive domed Art Deco building (Central Market is currently underconstruction but can be visited as usual), OR the sprawling RUSSIAN MARKET, a labyrinth of stalls selling everything from CDs and DVDs to silks, crafts, jewelry and more.
Overnight in Phnom Penh.
Day 6 Phnom Penh - Kratie (Breakfast: Hotel )
By vehicle from Phnom Penh to Kratie
Sightseeing in Kratie
The provincial capital of KRATIE is a pleasant, small riverside town on the banks of the Mekong River. Visit the DOLPHIN OBSERVATION PARK located just north of town and enjoy an hour-long boat trip past peaceful rural scenery as you watch out for a rare sighting of one of the 50 endangered Irrawaddy freshwater dolphins that inhabit this strech of the river. On the way back, stop at WAT PHNOM SAMBOK.
Overnight in Kratie.
Day 7 Kratie - Banlung (Breakfast: Hotel )
By vehicle from Kratie to Banlung
Excursion to Yeak Loam Lake
Yeak Loam lake is a beautiful crater lake lying in the remains of a volcano that erupted over 4000 years ago. Nearby is a display of local handicrafts and information on local tribal life.
Overnight in Banlung.
Day 8 Banlung (Breakfast: Hotel )
Excursion to Ta Vaeng
From Banlung, travel by 4WD to Ta Veang and visit many of the different minority villages in the area. Groups include the Jarai, Tumpoun, Krueng, Kra Chok and Kavet.
Overnight in Banlung.
Day 9 Banlung (Breakfast: Hotel / Lunch: Meals incl. in itinerary (Cambodia) )
Excursion to Veun Sai with boat trip
Travel by vehicle to Veun Sai, a boat trip to Prove village with a particularly impressive cemetary. After exploring the village, continue by local ferry boat across the river to a nearby Lao and Chinese village. Time permitting, visit a Kreung village as well before returning to Banlung.
Overnight in Banlung.
Day 10 Banlung (Breakfast: Hotel / Lunch: Meals incl. in itinerary (Cambodia) )
Excursion to Jarai village with boat trip
From Banlung, travel by 4WD to the village of Andoung Meas and embark on a boat to Phoum Dal or another Jarai village. The Jarai are an ethnic minority who dwell in traditional stilt houses. Their beliefs are polytheistic and they follow elabroate funerary customs, carving fascinating funerary totems out of wood. After exploring the village, enjoy a picnic lunch on the riverbanks and return to Banlung by boat and 4WD.
Overnight in Banlung.
Day 11 Banlung - Kampong Cham (Breakfast: Hotel )
By vehicle from Banlung to Kampong Cham
Overnight in Kampong Cham.
Day 12 Kampong Cham - Siem Reap (Breakfast: Hotel )
By vehicle from Kampong Cham to Siem Reap with sightseeing at Sambor Prei Kuk
SAMBOR PREI KUK: also known as Isanapure, it is an ancient Chenla capital dating from the 6th century and the reign of King Isanavarman. It is believed to be the most impressive group of pre-9th century monuments in Cambodia.
Overnight in Siem Reap.
Day 13 Siem Reap (Breakfast: Hotel )
Sightseeing in Angkor
Visit Angkor Wat
The crowning jewel of Khmer architecture, ANGKOR WAT is the national symbol and the highlight of any visit to Cambodia. The largest, best preserved, and most religiously significant of the Angkor temples, Angkor impresses visitors both by its sheer scale and beautifully proportioned layout, as well as the delicate artistry of its carvings. To approach the temple, first cross the vast moat, continuing along a broad causeway lined with naga balustrades. As you enter the main building, ascend through a series of galleries and courtyard before reaching the central sanctuary, which offers beautiful views back over the causeway and across the surrounding countryside. On the way, stop to enjoy the intricate stonecarvings that adorn nearly every surface, with some 1,700 Apsaras, or celestial dancers, sculpted into the walls. Along the outer gallery walls run the longest continuous bas-relief in the world, which narrates stories from Hindu mythology, including the famous Churning of the Ocean of Milk. Angkor Wat is stunning at any time of the day, but sunrise and sunset are especially beautiful times to watch the play of light on the stones.
Visit Ta Prohm
TA PROHM: one of the most popular attractions of Angkor as much of the jungle has not been cleared and it looks very much as most of the Angkor monuments would have appeared when European explorers first stumbled across them.
Visit Banteay Srei Temple
Seemingly miniature in comparison to the other Angkor temples, BANTEAY SREI is considered to be the jewel of classical Khmer art. Built in pink sandstone, the walls are covered in exquisitely preserved carvings of unusual delicacy. Because of its small size, fairy-like atmosphere and extraordinary examples of Khmer sculpture, this temple is often a favorite with visitors.
Visit Banteay Samre
BANTEAY SAMRE is a mid-12th century temple dedicated to the god Vishnu.
Visit Pre Rup at sunset
PRE RUP: built by Rajendravarman II (ruled 944 to 968), it consists of a pyramid shaped temple with the upper-most of the three tiers carrying five square shrines arranged as a quincunx. The name means turning the body and refers to the traditional method of cremation.
Overnight in Siem Reap.
Day 14 Siem Reap (Breakfast: Hotel )
Sightseeing in Angkor
Visit Angkor Thom
The fortified city of ANGKOR THOM covers an area of 10 square km. Enclosed by a wall and wide moats, the city includes many of Angkor's most popular sights. Enter by the monumental SOUTH GATE over a causeway lined on either side by statues of demons and gods, each carrying a giant naga. Continue to the TERRACE OF THE ELEPHANTS and the TERRACE OF THE LEPER KINGS, former spaces for public cermonies, both adorned with dramatic bas reliefs. Visit the ruined BAPHUON, ROYAL ENCLOSURE and PHIMEANAKAS before continuing to the mysterious BAYON TEMPLE. In this temple, one of the most popular and compelling in Angkor, explore the galleries of beautifully preserved bas reliefs and ascend narrow stairs to reach the central sanctuary, where you will find giant stone faces smiling enigmatically down at you from every angle.
Excursion to the Kampong Kleang with boat trip
Kampong Kleang is located about 50 km from Siem Reap town. The place is situated northeast shore on the edge of Tonle Sap Lake. The road to the site is good but rather narrow. This boat trip will explore the floating fishing villages that live at the edges of the lake, passing submerged forests and fishing farms.
Visit the Chantiers Ecoles (Artisans d Angkor)
LES CHANTIERS ECOLES: vocational centre trains 650 apprentices a year including 160 in fine arts and crafts trades united in the Artisan d Angkor production network. Guided tours through the different workshops like stone sculpture, woodcarving, polychromie, and watch the artisan at work.
Overnight in Siem Reap.
Day 15 Siem Reap (Breakfast: Hotel )

* Maximum group size for this tour is 10 pax.

Departure Date
US$ p.p.1 Pax2 Pax3-6 Pax7-10 Pax 
Var. A 3354 1788 1512 1111  
Var. B 3635 1928 1652 1251  
Var. C 4355 2288 2012 1611  
Accommodation and meals as described (please note that some hotels provide only CBF)
All transfers within the journey, including pick-up at airport
Economy class flights
All entrance fees
English, French or German speaking guides (other languages available upon request)
Visa-approval letter for Vietnam
Visa fees
Airport taxes


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