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SPECIAL EXPRESS  - 1st class sleeping-car and the most modern 2nd class sleepers, all air-conditioned.

Below:  1st class sleepers have lockable 2-berth compartments with washbasin.  There's a shower at the end of the corridor.  The berths convert to a sofa for evening & morning use.  Interior photos courtesy of Sally & Dominic O'Regan.

Interior of 1st class sleeper (2-berth compartment)...   1st class sleeper (2-berth room - daytime)...   1st class sleeper (2-berth room - night-time)...

Below:  2nd class air-conditioned sleepers of the most modern type, as used on train 1 & 2.  There are no compartments - berths are arranged open-plan either side of an aisle.  The two seats pull together to form the lower bunk.  The upper bunk folds out from the wall above the window.  Each bunk has curtains for privacy.

2nd class air-con sleeping-car (latest type)   2nd class sleeper, daytime mode...   2nd class sleeper, night-time mode...

 SPECIAL EXPRESS:  Fast, modern air-conditioned railcar with comfortable 2nd class reclining seats.  Special fares apply, with hostess service of light meals and refreshments included in the fare.

Express railcar from Bangkok to Chiang Mai   Bangkok - Chiang Mai express railcar: Hostess service...   Comfortable reclining seats in the Bangkok - Chiang Mai express railcar...
Fast railcar...   ...with hostess service...   ... and air-con 2nd class seats.

Express Train

This train has a 1st class sleeping car as on special express train and (slightly older) air-conditioned 2nd class sleepers with open-plan upper and lower bunks.

  2nd class air-conditioned sleeper (older type, daytime mode)   2nd class air-con sleeper (older type)
    2nd class air-conditioned sleepers (older type)

Ordinary Train, 2nd & 3rd class seats.   Ordinary express train at Ayuthaya   3rd class seats...

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