(Effective 01 November 2006 For Travel Commencing 01 February 2007 Onwards)

1. Currently, Airport Taxes (Passenger Service Charge or PSC) ex Thailand are collected by the airport authorities at the airport departure area. Effective 01 November 2006, PSCs will be collected at point-of-ticketing by the airlines/travel agents on behalf of Airports of Thailand. This is applicable for travel ex Thailand starting from   01 February 2007* onwards.
Note: *Passengers who travel ex Thailand before 01 February 2007 will continue to  pay their PSCs at the airport departure area.;

2. The Airports of Thailand has raised the PSC from the current THB500 to THB700 per passenger for travel ex Thailand from 01 February 2007 onwards;

3. Passengers who are already issued tickets for travel ex Thailand from 01 February 2007 onwards will need to pay their THB700 PSC during check-in formalities at the airport.

4.The following passengers are exempted from PSC:
    Infants (children under 2 years old),
    Transit/Transfer passengers