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Links Exchange Policy

Update to our link exchange policy: We must appologize to other Webmaster but due to a recent change in Google Qulity Guidelines towards link exchange we are no longer accepting new links.

The reason you do not see any links on this page, because I have recently removed all the Websites that I have made a link exchange with! I have removed them because all these Websites have removed my link!

That is what you get for trading links with link exchanging Websites that run link directories on their Websites! They get you to exchange links with them then they unlink from you to keep their PR! Dirty game! So their game is to get as many Websites to link to them, while to minimize linking out as much as possible!

Well the lesson has been learned, and the page is clean for new comers! If you want me to link to you, I do not care about your PR but I care about your Website relevance to my users. Most of the approved request will go on this page because the other page is full! Still if you think your Website can provide more relevancy than a Website on the other page, tell it to me, and if I agree you will swap places!

A back link is not necessary but appreciated! Also if you not the owner of the Website but believe that the particular Website will benefit my users, please let me know!

I am a Owner of Google group that is set up to help Webmasters with SERPs indexing! If you need some help with SEO please visit me at Google-Labs-iGoogle at the same time remember if you are a duplicate content domain Spawner, a Link Farmer, or a Black Hat SEO trick master, do not even bother! If you dirty and send me a link request you will be prosecuted to my full ability as a googler! Do not tempt me or you will regret the day!

Thank you for your participation in this hard endeavor to provide meaningful and useful resources to global Internet users.

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